Gourmet Pizzas

Gourmet Pizzas

(* Gluten Free Pizza Available +4 )

Philly Steak 21.9

Hickory marinated beef w/ jack cheddar, red onion, candied bacon & gherkins. Topped w/ stuffed jalapenos & american mustard-mayo.

Lamb and Fetta 21.9

Char-grilled lamb, fetta cheese, red onion and olives on a mozzarella and napoli base with tzatziki garnish.

Milano 19.9

Hot salami, chorizo, capsicum, onion, olives, cheese and chilli with Napolitana sauce.

Citrus & Dill Crab Pizza 22.9

Marinated crab on a sweet chilli base w mozzarella, red onions, smoked mussels, capers & gherkins. Drizzled w lime-wasabi aioli.

Honey Glazed Chicken 21.9

Chargrilled za’atar chicken on a napoli base w mozzarella, spinach bacon & red onion, topped w tamarind honey & tahini yogurt.

Dukkah Roasted Mushroom(V) 20.9

On avocado hummus w/ honey pumpkin, goats cheese & spinach, pickled red onion & truffled aioli.

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